Update: Touhou Scarlet Curiosity Released in Europe!

This is very late – I already found out about this (and downloaded the game) back on Tuesday last week (the 15th). I’ve been very busy (read: lazy).

Basically just an addendum to my previous post to announce that Scarlet Curiosity has been released in Europe!

Thank you, Marvelous, you guys are awesome!


Scarlet Curiosity not (currently) planned for EU

Hello everyone!

Just a quickie – unfortunately, I don’t plan to come out of hiatus any time soon.

I very recently, having given up trying to find confirmation on a European release date for Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity, decided to just go ahead and message Marvelous EU’s Facebook page asking about possible plans.

Sadly, this was the reply I got:

I couldn't think of anything to write here.

Image used with permission form Marvelous EU.

So, currently Marvelous does not have any plans to release the Touhou fan game for us fans here in Europe. This is, understandably, disappointing for me in particular, as I am a pretty big fan of the franchise.

Well, hopefully they’ll keep us in mind for the future!


And, yes I am well aware that publishing this on Tuesday the 20th of September (Scarlet Curiosity’s US release date) with such a click-baity title is questionable, but I only want to make sure that as many people are aware of this as possible as it hasn’t been reported on before.

2015 Halloween – Spring & Summer Miku

This post is this year’s Halloween Special.

There isn’t really anything especially Halloween-ish about it, it’s just been exactly one year since I showed off Halloween Miku.

As I mentioned when I opened Snow Bell Miku, I had decided to only get one Miku of each season in order to stop myself from overspending on Nendoroids.

Halloween Miku was ‘Autumn’.

Snow Bell Miku was ‘Winter’.

Join me beyond the break to find out who ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’ are:-

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Sort-Of Hiatus

Things are crazy here at the moment.

Much crazy. So little time. Wow.

I’ve got a couple nendoroids photographed, edited and uploaded ready for me to write up a post for this weekend, as well as a steadily-increasing backlog of others. I intend to try and have photographs ready for a couple more so I can easily get the next few weeks’ posted during some down time, so look forward to those.

A little hint about this weekend’s nendoroids:
They should have been uploaded for Cirno Day.

See you around!

Cirno Day 2015

It’s 09/09, which means it’s Cirno day!

I did have some other Touhou-related stuff planned, but I kept putting it off and now it’s too late.

So instead, I’m posting something that I’ve been meaning to get off my chest for a while. Be warned, the following is something of a rant.

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3/9 Nendoroid (Out of Season Nendoroid)

A special post on the 3rd of September.

Why 3rd of September?

Because in Japanese, they have a phonetic system for numbers known as ‘Goroawase‘, where numbers can be given various different sounds to result in different meanings. In this case, 3 can be read as ‘Mi’ and 9 can be read as ‘Ku’.

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